Common Home Lock & Deadbolt Problems & Patterns in Las Vegas Nevada ; Key Stuck or Broke in Lock or Just Doesn’t Work :(

Keeping your home safe and secure is your number one priority as a home owner. This helps in keeping you, your family and your belongings safe from anyone who is attempting to take them away from you, harm your family or vandalize your home. While door locks are normally pretty reliable, they can encounter a number of problems that would affect their reliability. Becoming familiar with these hiccups is an important step to take when ensuring the security of your home and the safety of your family. While not all locks are the same, they can in fact encounter similar problems.

Door Locks Sticking

Many times home owners will experience a sticking lock. Sticky door locks are pretty common in a door and dead bolt locks. One way to test if a door lock or deadbolt lock may have a sticking issue is to slide the key into the lock. If it is difficult to slide in, out and turn, then you may have a sticky lock issue. Sticky locks occur from regular day to day wear and tear and the buildup of grime within the lock itself. The main antidote to this issue is lubrication. Graphite powder is probably the most popular lubricant when it comes to repairing a sticky lock. Graphite powder will help the key slide smoothly in and out of the lock, making it easier to turn.

Key Doesn’t Work in Lock

Another common problem that is encountered with locks and keys is that the key does not work properly. If you have ever put the right key into a lock, but the key will not turn, you may do a double check just to make sure you are indeed using the appropriate key. However, in some cases, the right key for the lock will not turn like it should. If the key does in fact turn but fails to lock or unlock the door, you may need to have the lock disassembled and repaired by a professional locksmith.

Professional Lock & Key Repair Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If your keys are newer and not working properly, the edges may need to be filed off a bit. A professional locksmith can perform this service by heating the key and filing down the rough edges that are catching within the lock. If you are experiencing difficulties with the locks that are in your home, contact Vegas Valley Locksmiths today. Our locksmiths are skilled and experienced in repairing every type of lock there is.