Avoiding Locksmith Scams; Unlicensed Companies & Overcharging Horror Stories

There is nothing more frustrating, and possibly terrifying, than finding yourself in need of a locksmith. From locking yourself out of your home or car and possibly leaving a child or furry friend locked inside, to having the key break inside the lock, or finding someone has broken into your home, no matter the dilemma you need help, and sometimes in an emergency situation. Often we play “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” when selecting a locksmith without taking the time to know who we are hiring. Just like any other industry, there are dishonest folks wanting to scam you in any way possible. Unfortunately, they are even polluting the locksmith guild with their immortalizing ways.

Vegas Valley Locksmiths has prepared some tips on how to avoid common locksmith scams

– The first red flag when contacting a locksmith is if they are using generic phrases. Some will answer your call by saying, “locksmith services” or something similar. If they do not say their legal business name, and refuse to give you one, move on and find a different source.
– When they do arrive be sure to get proper identification, along with licensing if they state requires it. Locksmith licensing is not currently required in Nevada. It is only required in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, Illinois, California, and Alabama.
– Always get an estimate before the work begins, including emergency rates.
– Look into possible extra charges such as; emergency hours, mileage or service call minimums before you agree to any services.
– If the locksmith on-site quotes you an inflated price; more than the estimate you received over the phone, don’t be taken advantage of and call someone else to aide you.
– Most legitimate locksmith companies arrive in clearly marked vans. If they come to you in a generic van with no legal name markings, do not use them.
– If a locksmith insists on trading or replacing your lock when you have simply been locked out of your home or car, be wary; most skilled locksmith’s can unlock any door with their equipment and tools.

According the Better Business Bureau, there some “locksmiths” ripping people off across the country. There are two major businesses that use dozens of aliases across the U.S. by over charging on services or additional charges for unnecessary services; some not even performed. They will also engage in intimidation tactics. These two companies generally target those who are locked out of their homes, office, or vehicles. There have been a considerable amount of cases being documented, and much that goes unreported by unsuspecting victims. These dishonest locksmith companies use the generic vans instead of commercially marked vans. They request their bill upfront, and sometimes charge four times the initial quote price over the phone.

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It is advised that you take the time to find a trustworthy locksmith ahead of time. Do your homework and employ the people with a good reputation. Vegas Valley Locksmiths can assist you with any locksmith services you may need. Our technicians are licensed and the best at what they do! Contact us whenever you need locksmith or security services.