How are House & Car Keys Made? Residential & Automotive Locksmith Key Making & Duplicating in Las Vegas Nevada

When you think about a key, you usually have at least one for the house, one for the mailbox, one for the office and one for the car. There are people that have keys to other things too such as a safe, gate lock, padlock or friend’s house. The amount of keys that you have and possible come across in your adult life is pretty huge. Have you ever wondered how each key has a unique style and shape and how it all works?

Vegas Valley Locksmiths has the low down on residential and car key making and duplicating

Residential Keys: A key is a small piece of metal that is shaped to fit a specific locking mechanism. The key is what allows the lock to be engaged and disengaged or locked and unlocked. When you are in need of a duplicate key you go to a locksmith to have a second key made. This is when the locksmith will use the current key that you have and make an impression of it so that the machine knows what areas of the metal needs to be removed so that the new key is identical to the original key. The key only works if the cut and the size of the key are exactly the same. When it comes to duplicating a key you have to be exact. Even the smallest shift will not allow the new key to engage the lock and therefore it will not work. If you use a locksmith that has experience and good tools you should come out with a perfect replica of the key you want. This process works for all metal house keys, business keys, mailbox keys or any other key that you may have dangling on your key ring.

Car Keys: This is a different experience. Although the locksmith needs to offer precision work, they also usually need more information to duplicate a car key. Many times, car keys are locked inside a car and can be retrieved when the locksmith opens the lock manually. When a car key is lost or misplaced and needs to be remade you need to use a trustworthy and reliable locksmith like Vegas Valley Locksmiths in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you have a car key to make the locksmith will many times need the VIN number and the year, make and model. Older cars have a standard metal key and can be duplicated just like a residential. Many car keys now have a clicker that is used and could be a part of the key. They can be reprogrammed and made to work for your car.

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