Tips to Reduce the Chance or Prevent Burglary at your Las Vegas Nevada Home, Business & While on Vacation

Home burglaries seem to be on the rise. There appears to be a boom in cases where burglaries take place; often when children are left in the care of a babysitter and around the holiday season. Social media and news reports consist of home invaders violating our homes, taking our valuables, and in some more scarier scenarios, endangering our loved ones. With more and more people installing surveillance cameras and other security measures, sometimes these perpetrators are caught quickly, or are hunted down.

Vegas Valley Locksmiths has prepared some tips to make your home or office less appealing to the criminal minded, and reduce the risk of your home or business being victimized.

1. Hiring a furry security guard. Not everyone is a dog lover, and some are allergic. But if you can tolerate a loyal four-legged friend to help guard your home, it’s always a good investment. Dogs are unpredictable, and more often than not, a burglar doesn’t want to risk the chance of being bit. In many cases, the unsavory character scoping out your home may bypass it to avoid running into a dogs fierce bite. There are many dogs who need a good home and can be found at pet shelters for a minimal cost. You will not only will gain a friend, but will also have a loyal guard on duty 24/7.

2. Keep your windows and doors locked. Some may be thinking “really?” But in actuality, many break-ins are the result of human error or neglect. Many people don’t pay attention to windows and make sure they are secure. Burglars always check the easy ways in; doors windows, or even garage access.

3. Landscaping needs to be well planned. Many people like to optimize foliage around their home or office to give them more privacy or shade. But that could be an unwritten invitation for a home invader to attempt in obtaining your valuables. Planting thorny bushes around windows adds a little extra security to that avenue. Keep your bushes and trees well pruned, minimizing places for the unwanted to hide. Gravel or loose stones can alert the pooch with sensitive hearing to an oncoming visitor. Be sure the exterior of your home of office is well lit, and other areas are motion censored.

4. Keep valuables out of plain sight. Avoid putting your deluxe big screen TV in window view. If this is unavoidable, have privacy curtains installed. Invest in a safe to hide priceless and irreplaceable belongings, especially in time where service people may be over, or parties may be taking place.

5. Having a double key dead bolt is a beneficial security measure. If a thief manages to break in, in panic mode they may not realize they need a key to exit, possibly keeping them trapped in time for authorities to arrive.

6. Don’t advertise new purchases. It is sometimes hard to practice on this one, especially during the holidays. But if boxes for big screen T.V.s, stereo equipment, computers, laptops, or gaming stations are being left on the curb for days to await waste disposal, it could be a giant advertisement for thieves to know exactly what kind of pilfering items are in your home of office.

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It is always in the homeowners best interest to be prepared and proactive in securing their homes. Investing in state of the art locks and security systems will greatly reduce the risk of having your home broken into. With high-definition surveillance, if your home is broken into, the suspects could be apprehended before your treasures are lost in the wind. Vegas Valley Locksmiths can help get the security you need to protecting loved ones and your belongings. Contact us today!